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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Global Warming

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It's my first entry in over a month and the first of 2006. Not even sure anyone still reads this stuff but I'm going to trudge on. The title doesn't necessarily reflect what my point is tonite. However, it has been unseasonably and unfairly warm in 2006, thus far! Makes for some pleasant runs in the late afternoon but does not really help our skiing hopes here in the northeast!

Just returned from a trip across Pennsylvania to visit old 401 roommates out in the South Hills of Picksburgh yesterday. Good times! We flipped some cards, Xboxed and watched some football. Next stop was a quick one...3 minutes with my good friend Chris Kissell then on to Altoona for a quick lunch and visit with my Manfred friends.

There was much more to this trip then the overview I've just given above. I witnessed the interworkings of Christ's mercy and love in a real and personal manner. First, I was able to stay in the Harrisburg area on Friday nite and help with a "Rail Jam" at Ski Roundtop to help benefit the Messiah College Ski & Ride Club and follow it with some good fellowship.

En route to Pittsburgh, I realized just minutes before exiting Route 70 West onto 43 North that 43 is a tollroad and I was running low on coins. Route 43, for some reason unknown to me, does NOT accept EZ Pass. Thanks to the mobile phone, I was able to quickly call Ted (he answered quickly) and ask how much the toll would be. 50 cents. I had it! Two quarters. A small blessing.

The other cool but short story is one of a quick text message then voicemail to my buddy Kissell who lives near the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I didn't hear back from Kissell right away but decided to leave the south hills and head his direction anyhow. Right as I'm about to merge onto Rt. 279 towards downtown, Kissell calls. He (and Jess) was willing to wait a few minutes and be late to church, just to visit with me and exchange some items, very briefly. So, the Lord cleared the timing and allowed the mobile phone to enable us to connect. Plus, Kissell was able to "pull me in" with turn by turn directions! Oh and originally, prior to talking with Kissell on Saturday morning, I presumed he was still out west!

So, the Lord has been good. He always is. Another note, it really was good to see the old roomies, many who are now married and all of our schedules busy. I am just thankful to have the opportunities that I have.

Originally, I had planned to write more of "new year's" type entry but now that its the middle of January...who cares? Well, I still encourage you to read that clip above (just click on it to enlarge) because it will be an encouragement to you. It's not long. That is how I want to live in 2006 and beyond.

Leaving you with this two small passages from a current book I'm reading...
"It occurs to me it is not so much the aim of the devil to lure me with evil as it is to preoccupy me with the meaningless."

"Could we, with human reason, process the finality of death, we would be very different souls, giving more than we take, forgiving easily, and listening with all that is in for answers to questions we would not have otherwise asked."

Live and live well.

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