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Monday, October 17, 2005
The Critic


Here it is and somehow 16 days have passed since I flew back to Pennsylvania from Seattle on Saturday, Oct 1. As some know, I just returned from the trip of a life! This trip was mentioned briefly in a previous post. I journeyed across the country with Pam as she has embarked on a new job endeavor in northwest Washington state.

A day by day log narrative can be found here and P's version can be found here.

Rather than bore with you too many trip details, I would like to share a few important things that I learned throughout this trip and the reasons why. Thanks to the amount of over the road time...both of us had ample time to think and talk about numerous subjects. One main theme that became evident to me was the incessant grumbling and complaint ridden attitude I often can display. I've been notorious for this in the past and know it is a fault of mine in need of repair. However, it never really occurred to me how ridiculous it can be. Sometimes, it can just be complaining for the sake of complaining or in other words, just complaining about stupid stuff (annoying driver, highway construction, tolls, fog, rain) and this, at times, is said just to be silly.

Now, along with this complaint universe I reside in is the age of the critic. The two go hand in hand almost or the complaining results from the critical spirit...possibly? Now, I know my standards for most things are extremely high. Yet, I never realized that I can be almost annoyingly demanding of these standards. This is quite ridiculous. It can drive another person quite crazy if they have to listen the constant complaining. And, all the criticism can be rather demoralizing, particularly if you are the brunt of the criticism.

My travel partner handled this extremely well and mostly would just laugh at my ridiculousness. I even recall one instance where I was acting a little foolishly cranky and Pam flat out didn’t take it. We were at a gas station in Cody, Wyoming and I had pumped the gas while P was chatting on her mobile (clearly unsafe and borderline illegal while at a gas pump). So, I suppose I was a little miffed at her and thus reacted to this. P said, “Why are you being so mean?” Immediately, I realized how I was acting and treating her and knew it was wrong. I’m thankful that Pam was and is willing to point out my outrageous attitude and not just allow it.

This type of attitude is certainly not the way in which the Lord has called me to act each and every day. Actually, I really do not think Christ would want me to be acting like this at ANY time. He didn’t, why should I? Just read an interesting article on how we must focus on the small things, not just the big areas of life. We need to serve Christ in ALL areas.

So, I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to travel across our great country and to see so many wonderful sights. Yet, I am also thankful that it was not only a learning experience but an eye opening one at that.

P, thanks for inviting me along and helping me recognize these areas in my life that need work…no fun without you!

Note: Stop by Yahoo! Photos to see Badlands, Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grant Teton and others. And check out P's photo collection too!

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