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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Washing Dishes

Greetings. It's been far too long since my last entry and now that I've compiled about 30982 different topics that I would like to comment on, I'm finally sitting down to write an entry. Maybe someday I will actually find the time and thoughts to write on a daily basis and actually maintain a solid readership.

Returned Sunday evening from a grand visit to Altoona, Pa and a visit from my dear friends Matt and Heidi Manfrex. A relaxing yet engaging visit with some expert canoeing on the boggy lake at Black Moshannon SP. We capped off the afternoon with a scratchy and cobwebby run around the lake at Canoe Creek SP and a dip in the cool lake water on Sunday. Good times.

During my visit with Frex, we had a lively debate on how to properly wash dishes. Mr. Frex argues for the Pre-rinse Method in which he rinses off all dishes prior to soaping. While this could be viewed as an unwarranted use of water, it does prevent the soapy water (for washing the dishes) from becoming greased up or junked with food. This method provides a clean environment to wash the dishes and thus cleaner dishes as purported by Frex.

Others of us might ascribe to the Wash-N-Rinse Method where the soap is squirted into the hot water and once some suds are ready, the dishes are washed, food and all, with the theory that the soap/hot water cleans the dish and the garbage disposal eats the grime. (Personally, I enjoy washing one dish at a time with the hot water slowly filling the sink. This allows for the water to be minimally dirtied while allowing for a quick wash since I can wash and rinse without the on/off with the faucet.)

In the Pre-rinse Method, are the dishes REALLY that much cleaner? A level of cleanliness to warrant this extra water usage? There is not a simple answer to this question. This can evolve into quite a moral debate and we must examine our heart for the environment. While I want the cleanest dishes available to me, I still must consider the economic and environmental consequences of the Pre-rinse Method. As a follower of Christ, I'm called to be a good steward of God's creation and this involves caring for His environment here on our blessed Earth. Are we wasting water in our dishwashing methods? Can we find new, more efficient cleaning techniques?

I really don't know. I suppose we could apply the KOP Method as adopted by Mr. Luke B and roommates whereas they typically will wash a dish here and there when needed but most dishes lay dirty in the sink. Less water used, much more horrendous odor exists.

We could utilize better soaps that are healthier not only for us (since we do eat from the dishes we clean) but for the environment to where the dirty, soapy water flows out to. Even a soap that requires less concentration to be effective and can be stretched for great lengths of time.

I have no answers.

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