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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Do Not Surrender

"Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8.1

This verse is a key part of this post tonite, yet I have about four different thoughts forcing their way into my brain and somehow I will attempt to tie them all together here. As well as add some peripheral items at the end.

How thankful we ought to be towards God for sending His son to take the condemnation due us for our sin! Christ lived a sinless life yet suffered and died just for me. I've had discussions with friends about our selfishness that leads to sin. We seem to always choose our desire rather than Christ's. The discussion follows out to whether God is angry with us and will inflict His wrath upon us.

Yet, when we read the verse above from Romans, it is clear that since we are in Christ, we have no condemnation. He took it upon Himself. Christ covers and protects us from God's wrath. So, the picture I see of our LORD is that of a father. He is deeply disappointed and saddened when we sin. It hurts Him. Yet, His just wrath has been inflicted on Christ. May we see God as our Father, a being we can talk to and seek comfort in. Yes, we ought to still fear His wrath but know His mercy abounds.

An interesting article, that my good brother Luke shared with me a few weeks ago, speaks on the timing of God and how our faith must remain steadfast. So often, I get caught up in my own agenda and have an extremely small amount of patience for others when they interrupt my schedule. Unfortunately, I fear that I do this with God at times, when wanting to know what the future holds or thinking about material things. I want to take matters into my own hands and quit school or buy something that I don't really need all that much but want it anyways. The article states...

"This selfishness is magnified even more when we look at the timelines and demands that we put on our faith. When thinking of the things that we give value to and the relatively short time restraints we put on God "coming through" for us, we can quickly see how our attitude and impatience paints a vivid picture of a shallow faith that is built on having what we want when we want it." (Grant Jenkins)

Along this same vein, another article in the May/June issue of Relevant "Having It All Without The Stuff" spoke very acutely to me about what my expectations should be. "You have to be prepared for the fact that the search for a sense of purposefulness and success may be a longer odyssey. I don't think most of us get to realize our dreams in our 20's. It's unrealistic."

I'm challenging myself and you to not have the attitude of expecting God to "come through" for us! We need to be the clutch Christians who live for Christ at ALL times, not just when we get what WE want. We also cannot expect to achieve all of life's goals before we are 30 years old!!

Peripheral Items

Here is a book and author getting some play in circles these days that we all should check out.

Here is an article (written by Gene Edward Veith) about Lauren Winner, the author of the book mentioned above. The article can also be found in the May 7, 2005 World Magazine. Lauren Winner has also written a few articles for Relevant Magazine and the book, Girl Meets God.

A soundtrack making noise: Garden State Check it out as well as the movie. Both are solid.

If you haven't heard...Chris Kissell has joined CCO. Support and pray for him!

Seth Miller (aka "Sethy" or "The Jet") marries Katie McKay on June 18, 2005.

My sister Abby graduates from Nyack College on May 16, 2005.

Dave and Brooke D'Angelo gave birth to their first child, Domenico Joseph D'Angelo, on April 15, 2005.

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